Cropped Sweater (Pre-order)

Cropped Sweater (Pre-order)

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Introduce a touch of ethereal elegance to your wardrobe with HACOY's Light Purple Organic Cotton & Cashmere cropped-sweater. This exclusive pre-order item is the epitome of our dedication to ethical fashion, meticulously crafted in Italy from a luxurious blend of 99% organic cotton and 1% cashmere. It's a garment that speaks to both the conscious consumer and the fashion-forward individual.

The light purple shade of this crop-top sweater is enchantingly beautiful, offering a subtle yet striking addition to your ensemble. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, its cropped silhouette makes it a versatile piece for any season, embodying both comfort and chic sophistication.

By choosing this sweater, you're supporting sustainable practices and ethical craftsmanship. Our organic cotton is sourced with the environment in mind, and the addition of cashmere adds a touch of luxury, all while ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. Made in Italy, a country celebrated for its fashion heritage, each sweater is a symbol of quality and sustainable luxury.

What is pre-order?

By placing a pre-order with a 10% down payment, you're not just reserving your unique piece, you're also joining us in a more sustainable fashion journey. Your commitment helps us avoid overproduction, as we'll only start production after all pieces are sold. The remaining 90% of the payment will be due once the entire collection is sold out, at which point we'll provide you with the final production and delivery timeline.Thank you for supporting a more sustainable future with us.

IMPORTANT: Once we have 50 clients for this product, we will send out the payment link for the remaining 90%. Please note: In the event that not all clothing pieces are pre-ordered, we will refund your down payment in full and will not proceed with the production of the collection.


99% Organic Cotton
1% Cashmere

This piece of clothing will be produced near Ferrara, Italy by a small manufacturing house that consists of highly trained seamstresses & patternmakers.

Regional sourcing and production of the clothing piece is important to our brand and production partners, thus we are using the fabrics sourced from Italy itself.

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Care Instructions

When it comes to caring for knitwear crafted from 99% organic cotton and 1% cashmere, gentle handling is paramount to preserving its quality and softness.

We advise hand-washing these delicate items in cool water, using a mild detergent formulated specifically for fine fabrics. Submerge the knitwear, gently moving it in the water to ensure thorough cleaning, without excessive agitation. After washing, rinse the garment carefully in cool water. It's important to avoid wringing or twisting, as such actions can distort or damage the fabric. Instead, softly press out the water and arrange the garment flat on a clean towel to air dry. Keep it away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent any discoloration or shrinkage.

By following these careful washing instructions, your organic cotton and cashmere knitwear will remain sumptuously soft and in impeccable condition for many years.

Shipping & Returns

These products will be shipped 2 months after the minimum pre-order amount have been reached.

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